Development trend of rolling plastics industry

Column:Industry news Time:2019-07-03

Compared with other plastic products, such as injection molding, blow molding and extruding, the rolling molding technology has higher labor intensity, more manual operations and lower control level of rolling molding equipment. However, the emergence of some new technologies will improve the rolling process.

1. Internal temperature measurement control technology

Die inner temperature control technology are recorded mold the temperature curve of different locations, and using these as the basis of process control feedback temperature curve, the current domestic such as yantai rotomolding amplification, wenling city, the rising sun technology co., LTD., Harbin institute of three-dimensional rotomolding has developed die alone inside temperature control device, the device has the advantage that allows the operator to use the control system to reduce and optimize the heating and cooling cycle, improve and guarantee the product quality, reduce production costs.

2. Automation technology

The degree of automation of rolling mould in the process of opening and closing mould, feeding and demoulding is far behind that of other plastic products. At present, the automatic technology of rolling plastic feeding, automatic opening and closing of molds, product stripping and other processes has been gradually mature, which will greatly improve the automatic level of rolling plastic production.

3. Electric heating technology and hot oil heating technology

At present, the heating of molds in the process of rolling molding is generally heated by hot air or flame, and heated by electricity or hot oil, which will save more energy and be more environmentally friendly. Some domestic manufacturers have used electric heating rolling machine, but hot oil heating has not been used in China.

4. National policy

At present, more and more products have adopted the rolling plastic technology, such as nuclear waste barrels, military, one-time molding rolling plastic car shell, inspection Wells, telecommunications Wells and other state-initiated products will promote the continuous development of the domestic rolling plastic industry.

5. Talent development

With the gradual popularization of rolling plastics application, the demand for talents in rolling plastics industry continues to increase. It is believed that in the future, there will be more colleges and institutes to train professional talents in rolling plastics, which will make the development of rolling plastics industry to a higher level.

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