Grow knowledge, rolling molding process is so developed!

Column:Industry news Time:2019-09-01

As early as 1855, British r.peters recorded the first application of double axis rolling molding and heating. The two-axis rolling molding process was used to make metal shells and other aerial containers. Rolling molding technology is mainly used to ensure the uniformity of product wall thickness and density.

In 1905, the American f. a. venelke used this rolling molding process to produce hollow out wax products. Then in 1910, g. s. baker and g. w. perks used rolling molding to produce chocolate eggs.

Then the rolling process was further developed. In the 1920s, r.j. owell used the rolling molding process to process gypsum in Paris. These early methods of using different materials for rolling molding laid a foundation for the material rolling molding in the future.

Roll forming in the 1950 s applied to materials processing, one of the earliest application is used to make dolls head roll-plastic equipment was made from a Blue box oven E, inspired by gm's rear axle, by an external power generator, and the above ground installation of gas burners for heating. The mold is made of wire nickel-copper, the plastic is liquid PVC plasticizer, and the cooling method is to put the mold into cold water.

This plastic rolling molding process was later applied to other plastic toys. With the development of rolling plastics market and technology, rolling plastics are also used to manufacture other products such as road cones, ocean floats and automobile handrail lights.

Rolling molding equipment is also developing towards large scale, and a set of new heating system is established -- from the original direct gas jet to the current indirect high-speed air heating.

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